Why Worksmart

Our training programs develop the technical skills bankers need to be productive, and they do this faster and more comprehensively than traditional training methods and on the job training. We accomplish this through:

Comprehensive Subject Matter Expertise
The principals of WorkSmart Education have had distinguished lending careers. We know how the lending market operates and what is necessary for success, both technical skills and client relationship abilities. Our training programs reflect our backgrounds: they are based on actual experiences, and they build skills and transfer knowledge in a realistic, pragmatic way.

Excellent Instructional Design
Our training programs incorporate proven instructional design to increase the understanding, retention, and implementation of new skills. This includes using informal language, identifying rules of thumb to guide decision-making, using worked examples and case studies, and personalizing the content.

Effective Change Management
Effective training is about more than just knowledge transfer and skill development. It's also about motivating people to change their behavior. WorkSmart’s programs tap into the three primary intrinsic drivers of employee motivation: mastery, autonomy, and purpose. We help employees to master the elements of their current position, to perform with a purpose, and to progress towards autonomy and the freedom to exercise their own judgment without close supervision from managers. These methods are proven to improve the application of new skills.

Improved ROI on Your Training Investment
The US Department of Education has determined in a 2010 report that eLearning and instructor-led education do not produce materially different outcomes. Online learning, however, is both less expensive to deliver and available for repetition, an important factor in retention. Reducing the cost of training while maintaining its effectiveness is a certain way to improve the return on your training investment. This is an important consideration given the difficulty of linking improved financial performance in a loan portfolio to training initiatives.

WorkSmart’s educational programs are designed to deliver the capabilities your people need to succeed. We will make your people better. And better people mean better results.

First Rate Customized Content
WorkSmart will customize its existing content for the terms and processes that are specific to your institution and the jurisdiction in which it operates. For instance, our Effective Credit Presentation course can be modified to reflect your internal approval process, the specific laws governing security in your state or province, and in the language of your choice. We can also create entirely new content tailored to your specific needs. And all of this can be delivered on a cost-effective basis.