Private Banking Courses

WorkSmart's Private Banking curriculum provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze, structure, price, and document a Private Banking proposal.

The courses use case studies to illustrate key lending concepts and provide opportunities to apply the content in a real-life lending situation.

Each course in this curriculum consists of one or more modules. Course participants can expect each module to require 60 to 75 minutes to complete.

The courses in this curriculum are currently available in English and French, but we can make them available in any language that you require.

Introduction to Private Banking


The Introduction to Private Banking course introduces participants to the types of clients a private bank services, how banks meet the borrowing needs of their clients, and the structure and cost of debt. It also provides an overview of the lending process in Private Banking.

This course consists of three modules and an online assessment.

Language: English, French

Loan Structuring & Pricing

Loan Structure

The Loan Structuring & Pricing course builds the tools participants need to structure and price loans for high net worth clients. Course participants learn how to structure loans to leverage securities, real estate, and life insurance policies. This course uses a case study to demonstrate the selection of borrowers and guarantors, choosing the most appropriate type of credit facility, determining a client's debt capacity, setting a repayment schedule and covenant package, and other essential structuring skills.

This course consists of four modules, a case study, and an online assessment.

Language: English, French

Effective Credit Applications

Credit Application

The credit application is the primary method of communicating the structure, pricing, and risk - return dynamic for a loan . It can also be an effective and persuasive advocate for the approval of a loan. Participants in this course will learn how to organize the material they must communicate, identify risks and mitigating factors, and write in a persuasive style.

This course consists of two modules, a case study, and an online assessment.

Language: English, French