Worksmart's Solutions

Banks face a number of challenges, including changing demographics and increasing regulations.

An aging population means banks are losing significant institutional knowledge as baby boomers retire. To make matters worse, the number of new entrants into the job market is falling. Both of these trends signal an increase in labor costs, as banks must offer higher salaries to retain senior bankers as well as to attract entry-level employees from a smaller labor pool.

Increasing regulatory pressures, especially the risk-rating replicability in Basel, make it more difficult for banks to differentiate themselves through risk assessment and pricing. As a result, loans are becoming even more of a commodity.

This makes it more important than ever for banks to shorten the time new hires need to be productive.

WorkSmart Education has a number of solutions for banks that want to increase the value in their human capital.

Below you will find three examples.

  1. A Commercial Banking Curriculum
  2. A Private Banking Curriculum
  3. Customized Learning Solutions

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Commercial Banking Courses